Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Of Christmas Past Part 1

Christmas 2006
Me and Norma, Christmas 2006
Hello, this is Guiness. Merry Christmas!

Yes, I know it's July and it's hot outside. But Debbi was pretty sad about something and I thought I'd cheer her up.

This past Christmas, Debbi did a four-part photo series on Bubblews with pictures from 2006. That was one of my favorite Christmases, and Debbi's, too. It was the first Christmas my sister Norma and I spent with Debbi and Nanny and Pa. There would only be one more Christmas to spend with Nanny and Pa and Norma, because they all died in 2008. The pictures were all very special to Debbi and me, and Debbi really enjoyed writing about them a lot.

The recent website redesign at Bubblews removed almost all the photos from those four posts, and that made Debbi really sad. (It also made her a few other things, but let's not go there.) So I am going to be sweet to Debbi and share the pictures on my blog. (Be sure to hover over the pictures for a few extra comments from me.)

Christmas 2006
Pa liked to put up the Christmas tree and decorate it.
As soon as he got it up, Norma decided this would be a good place to take a bath.

Guiness the Cat
"Whatcha doin', Pa?"
Guiness the Cat and Norma the Cat
"What do you mean, help decorate the tree? I am the decoration."
Guiness the Cat and Norma the Cat
From this level, you can detect evidence of a suspicious nature under the couch
suggesting the existence of young great-grandchildren.
Guiness the Cat and Norma the Cat
"All this decorating is exhausting."
Guiness the Cat and Norma the Cat
The perfect observation spot for keeping an eye on all centers of activity.
Guiness the Cat and Norma the Cat
"Hey! Pa has food!"
Guiness the Cat and Norma the Cat
Yet another picture of Norma.
Guiness the Cat and Norma the Cat
Wow, have I lost weight since then!
There are plenty more pictures in Part 2. Be sure to look at how cute Norma and I are.

Sincerely, and Merry Christmas in July,

Guiness the Not so Fat Anymore Cat

P.S. Here are the posts that I helped Debbi rewrite:

Christmas Past Part 1
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