Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Of Christmas Past Part 2

Guiness the Cat

Hello, it's Guiness the Cat. Merry Christmas in July again!

If you remember in my last post, I started sharing all those pictures from Christmas 2006 of me and Norma and Nanny and Pa's feet that Debbi was so sad about when they all got vaporized from her Christmas series during the Bubblews website redesign.

They're really cute pictures of us (but then most pictures of us are). Just remember, I've lost a lot of weight since seven and a half years ago. Now that I've laid off the kitty junk food, I'm just right. (Remember to hover over the pictures for more of my opinions about them.)

Guiness the Cat
See all these pretty ornaments? Many of the them were gifts to Nanny from children who had been in her Sunday School class. Some of them came from Debbi's Sunday School and piano students.
All the kids adored Nanny. Most of them like Debbi okay, too, I guess.
Norma the Cat
Nanny would have a cow if she knew Debbi posted a picture of her sock feet.

Norma the Cat
Norma was so pretty.

Norma the Cat
Silent Night

Guiness the Cat
I really don't have all that fuzzy gray. That's just the way light reflects off me sometimes.

Guiness the Cat
The Christmas Queen
Guiness the Cat and Norma the Cat
That ridiculous bow makes me look more like a ballerina than a Christmas present.
I am not a ballerina.

Guiness the Cat and Norma the Cat
I heard Norma ask Debbi, "What is that dingbat doing?"
I think she was talking about me.
I don't know why.

Guiness the Cat and Norma the Cat
A perfect Christmas card shot.

Here are what's left of the original posts. If you came here from there, thanks for coming to look at our pictures. Merry Christmas.

Christmas Past Part 3

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Sincerely, Guiness the Cat

(Now to see if I can talk Debbi into going Outside where it's summer.)

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