Monday, July 28, 2014

One Foot Up

The Guiness Blog by Guiness the Cat

It's me, Guiness the Cat here, reclaiming what is rightfully mine.

Never did I give my consent for this photo. And I certainly did not grant permission for it to be used for my embarrassment on Bubblews. After all, I have my career as a famous kitty blogger at stake.

Would you believe Debbi posted this of me and called me a big black blob?

So what if I'm hanging off the couch with one leg hanging down and the other extended straight up against my face? I was comfortable. I slept like that for a long time. That was one good nap.

Debbi claims I turn into a big black blob in pictures because I have little contrast. I am not a big black blob. Debbi just needs to learn to take better pictures of me.

Anyway, I have taken back what is rightfully mine. Now the photo is here on my blog where I'm in charge, and I say I am not a big black blob.


Guiness the Cat

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