Saturday, July 19, 2014

You Don't Know About Me

Hello, this is Guiness the Cat. You don't know about me, without you have read a--oh, wait. Sorry. I've been reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn again.

I like Mark Twain. He reminds me a lot of my friend STIX the Cat, except, well, STIX is still alive and writing and Mark Twain isn't. They are two of my favorite authors, and STIX gives mostly wonderful advice except for he clearly wasn't thinking straight on the part about telling a fuzzy black kitty to make homemade orange marmalade. Other than that, he's really smart. (If you click on the part about orange marmalade, it will take you to STIX's advice column and you can see how smart he is for yourself. Except for the orange marmalade/fuzzy black kitty part, of course.)

But that's not important right now. We're here to talk about me. I am Guiness the Cat, and this is my blog. But I guess you figured that out already because right up at the top of the page it says, "The Guiness Blog by Guiness the Cat."

Anyway, I am Guiness the Cat. But I already said that. Sorry. I'm a bit nervous right now. Can you tell? We cats aren't very good at introducing ourselves to strangers.

As I was about to say before Mark Twain distracted me, you don't know me unless you have read about me on I have my own account there (except it's got Debbi's name on it), and I've written a lot of posts called "The Guiness Blog" (which makes a lot of sense when you think about it). I've become quite famous, at least so far as I know, and have lots of adoring fans who think I'm adorable and cute.

Debbi, by the way, is my executive assistant, but that's not important right now.

I really didn't set out to be famous. Then Debbi started writing about me, first on her blog Old Roads Once Traveled, then on Yahoo Voices, then Squidoo, then on Bubblews. Lots of people on Bubblews got to know and love me.

And then one day, Debbi just decided to be lazy and not write and take the day off, like it was her birthday or something. Which is was, but that's not important right now. She said that if I wanted people to read about me, I was going to have to write about me myself.

So I did. And everyone loved me, so I kept it up.

But then a lot of things happened on the site that I was not happy about. I don't write there very much anymore, and I decided to move most of my posts to my own box, I cleverly call it my archives box, and you can see a tab for it on the bar at the top of this page. And that's where I put my very first post. If you'd like to read it, just click this link: The Guiness Blog (How it All Started)

Sincerely, Guiness the Cat


  1. I'm happy to finally see your first post on your new blog. I'd send flowers to help you celebrate, but I suspect you'd rather have a can of tuna.

  2. Hello, my dear friend, Barb! Thank you so much for reading my blog. You're right. Who needs flowers? There are a few around the yard that Debbi hasn't killed yet. Talk to my executive assistant and she'll tell you where to mail that tuna. Purrs to your neighbor kitty, Sarah.


    Your friend, Guiness the Cat

  3. Mittens, Colby Jack, Rosalina and Teddy all say, "Mew". "Morw". "Browr" and "woof" - they want you to know they read your blog! :)

    1. Dear Mittens, Colby Jack, Rosalina, and Teddy! Thanks so much for reading my blog. It's great to hear from you.


      You're friend, Guiness the Cat