Friday, September 19, 2014

Reviews by Guiness the Cat: My Cool New Box

Reviews by Guiness the Cat: My Cool New Box

Guiness the CatHello, this is Guiness the Cat with some very exciting news! As you can see from the photos, I have an awesome new camera box from!

I have really been enjoying this new box today since I finally got Debbi to get all that camera junk out of it. The box is a deluxe model, and fits perfectly, with plenty of room to reposition, but yet small enough to be all nice and cozy. I just might like the Canon camera box even better than either my new microwave box or my new vacuum cleaner box. But I probably need to sleep on that some more.

And as an added bonus, the box is sitting in the chair I'm not supposed to get on! Score!

Reviews by Guiness the Cat: My Cool New Box
Comes complete with dual adjustable awnings ...

I do admit that I like the box better when the awning is down. But Debbi had this silly notion that it was in the way of the photographs.

And it was much more comfortable laying on all those little white puffy things. It was like sleeping on a thousand little pillows. I don't know why Debbi took them away from me.

Reviews by Guiness the Cat: My Cool New Box
... and a thousand or more fluffy white miniature pillows.
As an added bonus, tiny pieces of them will stick to your fur by magic and drive your human nutty.

All in all, I give this camera box a resounding two paws up! I highly recommend this model for every cat. Go to Amazon and order one for yourself today!

Sincerely, Guiness the Cat, Box Expert

P.S. Debbi takes much better pictures of me with the new camera than she does with her cell phone.


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  1. Great photos. That new camera really does make you shine, Guiness. And you look great in those boxes.

    1. This is Guiness the Cat. You're so sweet, Barb. I do like Debbi's Canon camera. Not only does it take better pictures of me than her cell phone, it takes great HD video of my action hero movies. Now to see how it does on the romantic comedies. I'm quite the dashing leading man, you know.