Thursday, October 30, 2014

Help Me Celebrate National Black Cat Day, by Guiness the Cat

Help Me Celebrate National Black Cat Day, by Guiness the Cat

Hello, I am Guiness the Cat, and today is a very, very special day. It's National Black Cat Day!

Okay, okay. It's National Black Cat Day in the UK, but in the spirit of international cooperation and friendship, I'm perfectly happy to observe such an awesome holiday from another country. After all, I do have catblogging friends in the UK, and a party is a party.

And there's no reason in the world why any of my international kitty friends and their humans shouldn't celebrate the US's Black Cat Appreciation Day on October 17, either. It doesn't matter that it has already passed. I live with Debbi after all. I'm used to doing things late.

National Black Cat Day

National Black Cat Day is the annual campaign of the organization Cats Protection to celebrate black and black-and-white cats. Cats Protection is the leading feline welfare charity in the UK. They help thousands of kitties every year.

According to the Cats Protection blog, black and black-and-white cats make up about half of the cats in their care, and they wait much longer than other cats to find a forever home.

National Black Cat Day

I personally don't think that's fair. Black cats are absolutely wonderful bosses to be employed by. Just ask Debbi.

You can find the Cats Protection website here. And be sure to check out the history of National Black Cat Day here.

If you like to look at pictures of adorable black kitties (like me!), you can find lots of them on Cats Protection Facebook and Twitter pages.

So help me celebrate National Black Cat Day. It's a great day to pet a black cat. If you don't have one, please think about adopting one. There are lots of special kitties who are looking for a special human to love.

Sincerely, Guiness the Cat

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  1. Found you Guiness - you can't hide from the ABCP!

    1. This is Guiness the Cat. Aw, Kas, you know you're my biggest fan. All us blogging kitties are stopping by your house on our around-the-world RV tour, and you'd better have plenty of tuna!