Friday, February 12, 2016

Guiness and Norma

Norma the Cat, Guiness the Cat, The Guiness Blog by Guiness the Cat
Norma the Hula Dancer and Guiness the Cat

Editor's Note:

This is Huckleberry the Kitten, the new editor of The Guiness Blog. I've been digging through the Bubblews Archives Box and found this today. It's something my mama wrote on Bubblews when she first started writing there. I knew I had an older sister, but I didn't know she was a hula dancer. I'm learning a lot from this editing business.

Sincerely, Huckleberry the Kitten


Adapted from a post originally published on Bubblews August 28, 2013. Photo and content (c) Debbi Craton

When my niece's family outgrew their condo and put it up for sale, she called and asked if their cats could stay in our basement while they cleaned their basement up to show the house.

The cats came. They never left anything but the basement.

I hadn't had cats in years, and these were the first strictly indoor cats I'd had. I quickly fell in love with them. Coincidentally, two of my favorite cats from when I was a kid were a black and a tabby. If I was going to go out tomorrow and pick another on looks alone, it would be a black or a tabby.

I lost Norma to cancer almost five years ago, and I still miss her. I've got hundreds of photos that I periodically go back through and look at, so I'll probably share some more in the future.

One good thing about tabbies and solid black cats is there are so many of them who look like my cats. What's really unusual, though, is to find someone with twins of both my cats. I've found a few, but I'd love to see more. If you have a pair of cats that look like Guiness and Norma, I'd love it if you'd post a picture and tag me.

This photo is of Norma having one of her recurring dreams of being a hula dancer, and Guiness, who is totally unimpressed, that I originally posted in a blog post about another pair of Guiness and Norma look-alikes.

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