The Guiness Blog: I'd Like to Eat Me That Critter

Guiness the Cat

Adapted from a post originally posted on Bubblews March 3, 2014

This is Guiness the Cat.

Spring is badly broken, and a lot of people have been writing about that recently. The human of one of my cat blogger friends brought up Groundhog Day (the rodent, not the movie) and it made me wonder three things:

1. Is this varmint responsible for breaking spring?

2. Why does it get it's own holiday?

And, 3. What's a groundhog?

So I did some research. I still don't know what a groundhog is, but this Punxsutawney Phil critter looks a lot like a squirrel who's had way, way, way more than his share of the acorns to me. There's an awful lot of meat on that little rodent.

So this Punxsutawney Phil critter apparently is afraid of his own shadow and decided there would be six more weeks of winter.

Well, clearly Punxsutawney Phil is a menace to society and something needs to be done about him.

Then there's General Beauregard Lee here in Georgia who isn't a scaredy-cat and said it was time for spring. Well, he was clearly wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. He might not be a menace to society, but he's clearly useless.

I didn’t see a picture of him, but if he's as big and chunky as that other overgrown rat, then I imagine they'd both make a lot of cat food. That would be a way of putting them both to good use. And I am sick and tired of fish. And turkey. And chicken. And tuna. And salmon.

I've never eaten groundhog before, but I'm always up for anything new and exciting. Looks like an awful lot of protein in them fat little fellers.

Sincerely, Guiness the Cold

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  1. We still miss you Mr Guinness. You have a sweet successor, but he is not writing a blog yet. See you in Kitty Heaven. Love Freya, the Cat blog Cat.